Our reputation has attracted interest from various television channels as well as from the world's written press. We have also been honoured by visits from a number of VIPs, ministers and ambassadors from various countries.

Extracts from our guestbook

It was impressive for us to see the magic of creating the diamonds.
Mr.D. Kassein
Minister of culture of Kazakstan
19 februari 2002

It was a pleasure to look around your factory
Helen Conijn
National Geographic
17 december 2001

Very big thank you for your welcome and all the interesting discoveries we found here.
Muriel Charbonnier
29 november 2001

A fascinating visit, very many thanks.
David Colvin
Ambassador of Great-Britain
5 December 2000

Thank you for receiving us.
Alessandra Costa
RAI – Italia

Our thanks for your help & your beautiful work.
Debbie Wolfe
Newsworld – Canada
22 January 2001

Thank you, it was very interesting.
René Vautravers
Neue Zürcher zeitung
11 December 2000

We were very impressed!
Wim Willems
30 january2001

Many thanks that you received us. An interesting, exciting visit.
Michael Grytz
WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk
30 may 2001

This visit was for me a big honuer.
Francisco Fernandez Fabregas
Ambassador of spain
18 December 2000

Thank you!
Jason Chan
The Chinese Channel
13 March 2001

With all our admiration for you exceptional work.
Jean-Jacques Kasel
Ambassador of G.D. Luxemburg

Diamond Polishing Factory Wolf Ollech