Diamond polishing is not a trade like any other.

The unique character of this wonder of nature calls for artistic skills. Knowledge of the raw materials, assessment of the potential, and creativity are key words for the diamond-cutter.

Each stone requires an individual approach to reveal its hidden beauty. Every day, this renewed challenge is an increasing source of fascination to us. The experience gained with thousands of stones in more than twenty years of our factory's existence has firmly established our reputation in Antwerp, the diamond centre of the world.

Wolf Ollech, the son of a famous diamond-manufacturer, learned the basics of the trade from his father. A few years at the cutting mill and studying gemmology enriched this knowledge. In 1982 he set up his own workshop and hired two cutters.

Despite competition from low-wage countries, the firm expanded. The constant commitment to adapting to market needs and technological changes has borne fruit. Today, a team of 25 highly-skilled employees is working here.

Diamond Polishing Factory Wolf Ollech